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GLM seeks out the talent required to build a deeply creative, loyal and dependable team.
From invitations to interior decor, from graphics to calligraphy, from tents to lighting and sound design, from catering to table service, from transport to the overnight hosting of guests, nothing escapes the vigilance and competence of GLM.

A team work

We listen, explain, rethink, and reconcile ideas. We remain focused on the goal and their individual responsibilities. We anticipate potential conflicts. We nurture the team’s collective energy.
Above all, we keep the passion burning.

Guendalina Litta Modignani

Founder & Creative

Guendalina is Italian and Belgian.
She began her career in Paris alongside Pierre Celeyron before creating GLM in Brussels in 1999.

Virginie Narjollet

Project Manager

MAS Modern Letters and Communication
Works for GLM since 2016.
Languages: French, English, Russian.

Aloisia Vigier

Project Manager

Bachelor’s degree in History of Art. Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management.
Works for GLM since 2018.
Languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish.

Antonella Masiello

Project Manager

Bachelor’s degree in international Relations and Diplomatic Affairs. Master’s degree in Interpretation and Translation English/Spanish.
Works for GLM since 2016.
Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish

Emmanuelle Meirsschaut

Warehouse and logistics manager

Works for GLM since 2006.
Languages: French

Patrick Meirsschaut

Warehouse and logistics manager

Works for GLM since 2015.
Languages: French, Flemish

A special thanks to…

Ada, Adolfo, Adriano, Agnes, Alain, Alberto, Alessandro, Alexandre, Aloisia, Amaury, Amélie, Amr, Anders, Andy, Angela, Angie, Anita, Ann, Anne, Anne-Laure, Annelies, Annie, Anthony, Antonella, Benedetta, Bénédicte, Benoît, Bernard, Bianca, Brigitte, Bruno, Camilla, Carla, Carlo, Carlotta, Carole-Anne, Caroline, Catherine, Cédric, Céline, Chadi, Charles, Charlie, Chicco, Chris, Christel, Christelle, Christian, Christine, Cinzia, Claire, Claudio, Clémence, Clément, Cornelia, Cristiano, Cristina, Daisy, Dalia, Damien, Daniel, David, Delphine, Diane, Dirk, Eimi, Elena, Elisabetta, Elsie, Emmanuel, Emmanuelle, Enrico, Eric, Erica, Erwan, Eugénie, Fabienne, Federica, Federico, Flaminia, Florine, Florence, Foulques, François, Frédéric, Frédérique, Gaia, Gen-Eviève, Gerald, Gerardo, Géry, Giampaolo, Gianluca, Gianni, Gilles, Giordano, Giovanni, Gisella, Giulio, Giuseppe, Gloria, Guido, Guy, Hany, Henri, Herman, Hervé, Hiromi, Hortense, Hugo, Ilaria, Isabella, Isabelle, Itamar, Jacky, Jean, Jean-Jacques, Jean-Luc, Jean-Michel, Jeremy, Jérôme, Johnny, Julie, Julien, Julio, Kristof, Laudomia, Lauren, Laurent, Léa, Leo, Lidwine, Lionel, Lisa, Lore-Dana, Louis, Lucio, Makenzie, Malak, Manu, Manuel, Marc, Marcello, Marciano, Marco, Maria Novella, Maria Teresa, Mariam, Marine, Mario, Marisa, Martina, Mascia, Massimo, Matteo, Maxime, Michael, Michaël, Michaella, Michel, Mi-Chela, Mickaël, Mike, Mitch, Monica, Nathalie, Nelly, Nicola, Nicolas, Ognev, Olivier, Paola, Patrice, Patrick, Peps, Perrine, Peter, Philippe, Pierre, Pierre-Emmanuel, Priscille, Raphaël, Regina, Régis, Rémi, Richard, Robert, Roberto, Roger, Rollo, Romain, Ross, Ruddy, Ruedi, Sabine, Sally, Salvador, Sandra, Sarah, Sasha, Sébastien, Serge, Séverine, Shai, Simonetta, Solène, Sonia, Stefanina, Stefano, Stéphane, Stéphanie, Susan, Suzanna, Tacho, Thérèse, Thierry, Thomas, Ugo, Valentin, Valérie, Vincent, Virginia, Virginie, William, Wulfran, Yanni, Yorrick, Yosra, Yves, Zak