Every event is unique

Find inspiration among a selection of pictures of Guendalina’s parties.
Calling upon the talents of a large number of suppliers and specialists - caterers, florists, interior designers, artists and per-formers - GLM creates events that are unrivaled in their diversity and originality.

Location, location, location!

Location determines the accessibility, the number of guests and eventually the style of the party.
GLM has faced many a challenge in this regard, each one with success.


GLM holds, at its fingertips, a myriad of sumptuous worlds. Anything, from a fairy tale forest indoors, a chapel in a garden in Greece, an 18th century…


GLM prides itself on being able to create parties that are both laid-back and sophisticated. From a picnic on the beach in the Balearic Islands, to a…

Tables Inspirations

Guendalina says that when all is said and done, it’s the table setting that makes a real difference.
The floral arrangements, the china, the glasses, the cutlery - each piece must reflect
and enhance the spirit of the party. Take a look at a selection of tables envisioned by GLM.


Goldfish swimming in glass cylinders, trees adorned with lanterns and flowers, Japanese handfans – these are the kinds of pieces one…


Grass-covered tables for a picnic dinner, straw-covered tables for a harvest celebration, bouquets of strawberries and chillies for a country brunch…

Follow the seasons

Have you ever dreamed of conjuring a climate out of thin air?
Desert scenes in the heart of winter, or a frozen forest invading a Bavarian castle?
We have. And we’ve done it.

Parties in the heat

GLM dreams up parties that glean the most beautiful gifts of a hot climate: an evening in Provence, a picnic in the Balearic Islands…

Parties in the frost

GLM seeks out the magical aspects of cold climates and brings them indoors: a printed back-drop by Thierry Bosquest creating the illusion…