What we do

GLM’s repertoire is unprecedented. We have organized events all over Europe, interpreting clients’ different profiles and realizing their individual visions.

Any event – be it a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or any other kind of celebration – is meticulously planned, down to the smallest detail, from its creative conception, to advance planning, to flawless production, to management on the day itself.

Impeccable style and organisational prowess have earned us commissions for the most prestigious of private and corporate events.


GLM strives for the extraordinary. We interpret your vision for an event with imagination and flair, and to transform it into an unforgettable celebration.

Guendalina Litta’s parties are legendary. Some have heard extraordinary first-hand accounts and rave reports in the media; others cherish personal memories that they endlessly recall to their friends; there are even those who have heard so much about a party that they feel as if they had been there themselves.

Above all, Guendalina’s parties are about inspiring joy: reveling in the ephemeral and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Recruiting and assembling the talent required to create a beautiful party is paramount. Building a loyal and dependable team, to brave the storms of such a unique adventure, is necessary. Wherever the party may be – Rome, Paris or Marrakesh – GLM brings imagination, a highly-efficient team, and partnerships with local businesses.

On the day of the party, immediate reactions of delight and astonishment among the guests gradually give way to an atmosphere of the highest elegance and charm.

Present right up to the end, ever discreet and vigilant, Guendalina Litta Modignani slips away quietly at the final snuff of a candle.